Bagley Nature Center - University of MN - Duluth

LEED® Platinum Certified, Passive House (Passivhaus) Certified

Located on a 55-acre contiguous nature preserve within the University of Minnesota – Duluth campus, this building serves multiple purposes, including classes, field work, meetings, lectures, special events, and exhibits.  Designed by Salmela Architect, this building demonstrates leadership in energy efficiency, renewable energy, wastewater treatment, stormwater management, passive heating, natural ventilation, water efficiency, local and renewable materials, and a healthy indoor environment.  HEI provided LEED® Enhanced and Fundamental commissioning services during the Design, Construction, Acceptance, and Post-Acceptance phases for the mechanical, electrical, and renewable energy systems.  This building earned both LEED® Platinum Certification and Passive House (Passivhaus) Certification and was voted one of American Institute of Architect’s 2012 COTE (Committee of the Environment) Top Ten Green Projects in the country.