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Commissioning is a quality assurance service to ensure that building systems work as intended by the original design and provides for reduced operation and maintenance costs, energy savings and improved indoor air quality. It is a systematic, documented and collaborative process involving observations, testing and training.

Since its inception in 1998, the HEI Commissioning Group has commissioned mechanical and electrical systems for hundreds of buildings including K–12 schools, higher education, retail, commercial, military, government and private industry facilities. The commissioning group has also successfully completed recommissioning projects and custom efficiency studies funded by utility companies.


HEI is a member of the Building Commissioning Association (BCA) and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) and our HVAC commissioning agents are certified ACG Commissioning Authorities (CxA), which demonstrates the CxA's education, knowledge and technical expertise in the commissioning process.  HEI is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council-MN Chapter and has many LEED® Accredited Professionals (AP) among its staff.  Members of the commissioning staff are also members of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

U.S. Green Building Council Member Badge
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Certified Commissioning Authority Badge
Commissioning Services
  • New Construction

  • Recommissioning Existing Systems

  • RetroCommissioning

  • LEED® Construction

  • Passive House (Passivhaus) Standards

  • Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (B3)

  • Army National Guard Military Construction Program

  • Energy Code and ASHRAE Commissioning Requirements

Systems Typically Commissioned
  • HVAC Systems

  • Building Automation

  • Electrical Power and UPS

  • Lighting Control Systems

  • Emergency Power Systems

  • Life Safety Systems

  • Data Center Systems

  • Laboratory Systems

  • Humidification Systems

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