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In today's building construction, the complexity and importance of technology systems are a primary concern. These systems can include a variety of features and options which interconnect a wide range of telecommunications and active and inactive electronic equipment. The HEI technology design team works with clients to determine their wants and needs, then designs technology systems that accomplish today's goals, while allowing for the flexibility to meet the demands of tomorrow's technology.

HEI has experience designing these EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance) & TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) standards-based technology systems predicated on our clients' requirements. These systems provide diverse interconnection solutions. Our team has designed systems comprised primarily of category 6 copper horizontal cable plants with optical fiber backbone which interconnects technology rooms, telecommunications rooms, and network electronics system design (Cisco, 3Com, Avaya, Hewlett–Packard, etc.). HEI's experience also includes installing wireless network systems, CATV video distribution cabling and headend systems, CCTV video surveillance security systems, boardroom, training room, and classroom integrated audio/visual systems, auditorium and gymnasium sound systems and interconnecting buildings through the use of outside plant WAN/MAN optical fiber cable systems.

Technology Systems
  • Data/Voice/Video Systems

  • LAN/WAN Optical Fiber Systems

  • CATV Video Distribution Systems

  • Multi–media Audio/Visual Systems

  • Wireless Network Systems

  • CCTV Surveillance Systems

  • LAN/WAN Equipment

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