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HEI brings extensive experience and capabilities to offer facility assessment services to public and private buildings of all scopes and sizes, including multi-site surveys locally or nationally.  HEI works to review facilities' current physical condition, including electrical and mechanical systems, code compliance, and energy usage.  HEI merges the demands to maintain a building with the identified future needs of the client's intended use and expectations of the building, recognizing the importance of accurate and thorough data. 

Assessment reporting includes photographs and cost estimates to correct deficiencies, prioritizing repair needs, as well as payback calculations to determine feasibility of upgrading and maintaining the assessed building.  Multi–site surveys also include cost–effective strategies for creating consistency across multiple buildings.  

Building Analysis Services
  • ASTM E2018-08 Property Condition Assessments

  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions

  • Health & Safety Review

  • Heating Plant Analysis

  • Swimming Pool Evaluation

  • Facility Review

  • Power Distribution Review

  • Lighting Analysis

  • Fire Protection Analysis

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